I work for social change, as a writer, trainer, photographer and video-maker, focusing on issues of gender justice and social oppression, personal and political violence, and processes of individual and institutional change. For over 20 years, I have worked as an independent consultant to support organizations and activist formations in countries of the global south and north. I co-founded the Challenging Male Supremacy project in New York City, whose work is described here. More details of my professional experience and expertise are included here, and summarized below.

Please get in touch using this contact form if you would like to discuss how we might work together on your project of social change.

Tools development: I develop, pilot and revise curricula and training materials that better equip organizations to implement their programs on gender, health and violence. I have documented promising practice in relation to such programs and created innovative digital media tools to support such work. I have authored toolkits on masculinities, gender-based violence, sexual health and HIV/AIDS.

Capacity building: I support organizations working on gender, health and violence to respond to the identified rights, needs and interests of targeted communities. I provide training and technical support to strengthen their capacity in all aspects of program development (assessment, design, monitoring and evaluation), with an emphasis on participatory approaches that mobilize community involvement in such programming.

Program and policy analysis: As both author, editor and facilitator, I develop and apply analyses of issues of men, masculinity and power that articulate the connections between gender and other forms of oppression as well as interpersonal and institutional violence, public health and public safety, and individual and social change.

Strategic planning: I design, deliver and document strategic planning processes for organizations working on a range of social justice issues and social change goals. I have led strategic planning processes focused at national, regional and global levels with a range of organizations, including Oxfam International, Oxfam Australia and the International Harm Reduction Development program of the Open Society Foundations.

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